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Determinants of conversion to organic agriculture

Centre National de la recherche scientifique - Bureau d’Économie Théorique et Appliquée - STRASBOURG - 2020

Faced with the constraints of climate change and food and environmental requirements, oraganic agriculture (OA) can provide an adequate response. However, the expansion of OA remains modest given these emergencies. It is necessary to identify the obstacles and drivers of conversion to OA by focusing on neighbourhood networks through a spatial approach. Indeed, we believe that the decision to convert to OA may depend on the decisions made by individuals within the same network, especially those of direct neighbours (which define a spatial network). The existence of an organic plot may depend on the type of crops grown on neighbouring plots. In order to quantify these spatial effects, we use the following databases: the RICA, the RPG (MAEC/BIO, Level 2) of the IGN, and the Agence BIO’s database on organic producers. Our stud covers the mainland France and the period from 2006 to present.