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Employment conditions and health care pathways: Study of gender peculiarities in front of mental suffering

This study, conducted by 4 Regional Health Observatories and their National Federation, is based on a qualitative and quantitative approach. The 2016 WC-PSR survey linked to SNDS data will be used to track down profiles of people either declaring mental health problems according to their delivered type of care, or on the opposite profiles of people not declaring any leading to reimbursement of medical expenses. Those profiles will be put into perspective with the psychological risks identified in the 2016 WC-SPR survey. Then this will be completed with semi-structured interviews with currently active people or with people wishing to return to work, in order to focus on gender singularities throughout their pathways. This study will be an opportunity to analyze the gender differences in career paths of people with mental health problems, and to elicit the reasons why some of them have been given or not an appropriate medical care at the workplace.