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Factors of agricultural and agri-food companies' innovation performance: PERFINAGRO

This project aims to gain a better understanding of the driving factors of innovation processes on farms and agri-food (and industrial) companies, using a global approach to innovation and highlighting the environmental and spatial dimensions of innovation processes. The study characterizes the environmental dimension using score measurements for farms (RA2010) and companies (CIS2014). It also measures external spatial factors according to employment zones, using DADS (annual declaration of social data) data on establishments. The research team uses multivariate statistics (typologies) and econometric models (probit, Heckman, the negative binomial model) to measure the influence of internal and external factors (spatial environment, market, sector) on the incentive to innovate. The researchers have substantial experience in this field and are interested in promoting their work on innovations (product, environmental, etc.) and the spatial dimension of these processes.