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Gender diversity in management and ICT

According to a report from the European Commission, 57% of tertiary graduates in the European Union are women, but only 13% of them are graduated from ICT-related field and work in it. These figures highlight an important gap between female representation in the general world of work and in the digital world. However, as the digital world is a growing field which is taking a central role in economy, it is important to understand the underlying mechanisms of this growing gender gap. Indeed, an exclusion of women in this major transformation could be very harmful to firm’s performance and could lead to a perpetuation of the gender stereotypes gap and to a marginalization of women. This project will be articulate around 2 principal axes. Firstly, this project will aim to understand the relationship between female representation in French firms and the use of ICT, more specifically of Big Data. Finally, it will explore the link between previous results and the innovative nature of the company.