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Housing data to enlighten local and national public policies

In order to extend its historic and well-established expertise into the field of fiscal database (land database or Filocom), the Cerema has acquired access defined as simplified access to the database Fidéli. Thanks to this, the Cerema can better develop its specific expertise with due respect to the required conditions of release. Among other things the Cerema offers expertise based on Fidéli which aim to enlighten or evaluate local or national housing public policies. This is done mainly by cross-referencing data characteristics of the housing stock on one hand and those of its occupants on the other. Both national housing policy actors - for instance the national agency for improvement of housing (ANAH) or the Directorate-General for territory planning, housing and nature (DGALN) and local ones - like decentralised services or local authorities - can be interested in these specific offers which may also contribute to studies within partnerships.