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Links between individual mobility and productive fabric dynamics

Most of the research devoted to Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) impact has been focused on employment within the merged (or acquired) companies. To the best of our knowledge, none so far has been devoted to the careers of employees leaving the (newly created) group. In this project we aim to understand employee mobility post M&A within and out of the company: where do employees who leave the company go? From where do the employees (hired post M&A) come from? M&As mostly occur within the same financial group, and so our analysis will lead us to revisit the question of intra group mobility. Financial groups nowadays employ more than half the total number of private sector employees. Prior studies from Delarre and Duhautois (2004) have shown that a tendency for employees to move within a group, especially the most qualified. This project will offer the opportunity to take a closer look at how groups manage their workforce during restructurations resulting from M&As.