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LORIET - The Parcoursup Platform at the service of the law on student orientation and success

The LORIET project proposes to evaluate the Parcoursup platform. Two dimensions are considered: efficiency and equity. The first calls for a careful analysis of access rates, failure rates, reorientation rates, etc. and the results obtained by students during their first year of higher education. The analysis is carried out globally and through group comparisons defined according to individual characteristics, the school environment of origin or the institution of enrolment. The results thus obtained are then compared to those that would have been predicted using the APB platform. The second refers to more qualitative questions related to the students' social origin or gender. We are interested in Parcoursup's ability to improve accessibility for girls or students from modest backgrounds to certain selective courses. The analysis is first conducted as a continuation of the first part. It is then deepened by analyzing the effect on the final orientations that certain new features of Parcoursup may have had: abandonment of the hierarchy of wishes, motivation letter, opinion of the school's teaching staff n the desired orientation. Two complementary approaches will be used: econometric inference and identification methods and machine learning methods.