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Setting in animal farming: towards more diversity?

Agriculture is facing social, economic and ecological issues. Through this PhD, we aim at analysing the diversity of setting in animal farming in France. We will characterize their numbers, their evolution and also their forms by studying their construction over a period of three to twelve years (2010-2020). There are several questions to be answered: how do new farmers access to land, livestock, farm equipment? How do they organize the work depending on agricultural and livestock practices? What are the business models and how do new farmers reach economical stability? We will explore three dimensions: - resources (livestock, land, farm equipment, workforce, knowledge) and ways to access them (funding, professional network, professional adviser) - the technical coherence developed by the farmers and the practices implemented to achieve it - the construction of the economic performance of the farm, guaranteeing an income for the farmers and allowing its viability We will conbine a quan