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Skills, employment and firms in the green transition (GreeFiT)

The GreenFiT project is a continuation of the INEMPRO project. The previous project started to study the dynamics of international competitiveness, productivity, and employment in French manufacturing companies. However, over the years it has gradually focused on the role played by the green transition in shaping these dynamics. The objective of the new GreenFiT project is to continue on this path by assessing the labor market and competitiveness outcomes related to climate policies. The project will combine information on energy price (EACEI) and green investments (Antipol) with the EU emissions trading schemes data. The project will focus on advanced econometric methods to study the causal effects of green policies. Other relevant databases that will be used to measure the outcomes in terms of job creation/destruction, demand of skills, workers' salaries, firms' productivity, profitability and growth are respectively the DADS data and FARE-FICUS.