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Studying reemployment and regulation on temporary work contracts

The frequent use of alternative employment forms (i.e. other than long term contracts) has taken an important part of the public debate on labor market reforms in France and other EU countries. In France over 80% of work contracts signed are temporary contracts, and over half of these are of a very short duration, less than a month. This strong turnover implies that many workers struggle to insert themselves on the labor market in any durable way, and chronically undergo unemployment periods. The project thus aims: (i) Produce a descriptive analysis of the evolution of the proportion of temporary employments, the duration of the contracts, their renewal and potential leading to a permanent contract, taking into account company and worker characteristics. (ii) Develop a theoretical united frame to analyze the effect of legislation on the use of temporary work contracts (iii) Make a structural estimate from this model, using DPAE provided by ACOSS (iv) Evaluate the effects of for instance the Rebsamen reform on the increase of the renewal of temporary work contracts on workforce turnover, the level of unemployment and the worker well-being. (v) Suggest economic policies based on the counterfactuals to improve legislation related to work contracts