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The role of the socio-economic and media environment in victimization and its treatment

This project aims to study the role of the socio-economic environment in (i) the individual's probability of being a victim of a crime; and (ii) the treatment of these victimizations (in particular, the propensity of victims to file a complaint and the judicial treatment). The first axis of the project will aim to study the effect of socio-economic characteristics (individual, family or neighbourhood of residence) on the risk of victimization. More specifically, it will measure the effect of unemployment and local income on victimization. The second axis of the project will aim to understand how the media context influences the consequences of these victimizations and, in particular, the decision of victims to report a crime to the police and the resulting judicial treatment (convictions). The focus here will be on sexual crimes, for which a certain number of key events have made the news, offering a possible source of identification.