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Sauvegarde Entreprise : Business Safeguarding

Years : Procédures collectives_2008-2018

Producer : Ministry of Justice (SDSE)
Authorisation : Producer

The Business Safeguarding source covers the conciliation and collective procedures stipulated by the Business Safeguarding Act (LSE). Safeguarding (ordinary or accelerated) is a preventive procedure designed to deal with a company's insurmountable difficulties before it becomes insolvent. Its purpose, by implementing a safeguard plan, is to enable the company to continue its activity (if necessary through reorganization), maintain employment and pay its debts. The safeguard procedures covered by this source can be broken down into up to four stages, or milestones, representing up to three phases: referral, then opening of a procedure, then solution and finally closure. Each line therefore represents a case, and is completed as each stage is completed. The database provides information on the jurisdiction (type, identifier...), the referral (date, author, act...) and on the compulsory liquidation or the continuation of the activity.

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