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PACS : Civil solidarity pact

Years : 1999_2017, 1999_2015, 1999_2013

Producer : Ministry of Justice (SDSE)
Authorisation : Producer

The civil partnership agreement (PACS) was introduced in November 1999. Initially, declarations and dissolutions of PACS contracts were only registered by district court clerks and lower courts for overseas collectivities. The law of March 28th, 2011 authorized notaries to register PACS contracts. The PACS is a contract concluded between 2 adults, of different sex or of the same sex, to organize their cohabitation. The data comprise a single record per PACS, with information on its conclusion, and dissolution where applicable. The data unit is therefore based on the PACS (the case). The data concern PACS in metropolitan France, in the French Overseas Departments and partially in the overseas communities.

Example of data content for PACS : Civil solidarity pact