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ADIL 2A : Departmental information agency on housing in South Corsica

Years : 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

Producer : National housing information agency (ANIL)
Authorisation : Producer

The network of Local Rent Observatories (LRO) provides statistics on the rental prices of private rental housing in order to offer a reliable overview of local rental markets. Each rental observatory collects data on the rents charged in the surrounding and processes the data. The results provide reliable, homogeneous and comparable data from one region to another. The data from the Departmental information agency on housing in South Corsica (ADIL 2A) gathers information on rents and the private rental housing stock for the Ajaccio agglomeration. The scope of observation concerns non-professional and non-seasonal furnished rental housing, not council accommodation, regardless of the length of time their tenant(s) have been there. The information provided concerns the type of housing, the type of rental and management, the dates of construction, the number of rooms and the living area, the monthly rent observed excluding charges, and also calculated per square meter of living area. These data are intended to inform landlords and tenants, to provide benchmarks for real estate professionals, investors and financing organizations, and to develop knowledge of the private rental markets, which is useful for the development of local and national public policies and for researchers. The data can also contribute to shaping local and national public policies (local housing programs, zoning, amounts of French national subsidies for home improvements (ANAH), rental regulations, etc.) as well as helping professionals (property managers, developers).

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