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CPH : Labour courts

Years : terminés-2022, terminés-2018, terminés-2015, terminés-2013, terminés-2012, référé-2022, référé-2018, référé-2015, référé-2013, référé-2012

Producer : Ministry of Justice (SDSE)
Authorisation : Producer

The Labour Courts (CPH) file concerns cases in summary proceedings or completed cases that have gone before the Labour Courts. The summary procedure provides information for a quick provisional decision without waiting for the judgment on the merits of the case. The Conseil des prud'homme, an elective and joint jurisdiction, settles disputes which may arise in connection with any employment contract between employers and their employees by conciliation. It also judges disputes when conciliation has not been successful (art. L 1411-1 of the Labour Code). The French Labour Court is divided into five autonomous sections and includes a common summary judgment panel. The autonomous sections are: the management section, the industry section, the trade and commercial services section, the agricultural section, and the miscellaneous activities section. This file includes information about the company, the people and the business activity. The tables available concern the Labour Courts (CPH) of Metropolitan France and French Overseas Departments.

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