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EMIGDOM : Migration Survey relating to overseas departments

Years : 1992

Producer : Insee

The Migration Survey Relating to Overseas Departments (EMIGDOM) was conducted by INSEE in 1992. It included an overseas department component, conducted in 1991 among migrants who had returned from metropolitan France, natives who had never migrated, metropolitan residents and foreigners; and a metropolitan component, conducted in 1992 across seven French regions (Ile-de-France, Centre, Alsace, Brittany, Aquitaine, Rhône-Alpes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur) among natives of overseas departments. The objective of the survey was to understand past and future migration, and included a very precise description of the current and past professional situation of the individual respondents. It also aimed to study the multiple forms of population migration from or to metropolitan France and provides a certain amount of information on successive migrations. The questionnaires therefore address the chronology of migrations as well as their stages of marital and family life. For the other themes (training, employment, housing), the questionnaires are limited to describing successive situations (before, during and, for natives of a French Overseas Department returning to their department of origin, after migration). A few questions concerned the possibility of future migration and relational networks. In this survey, a migration corresponds to a stay of over six months outside of the French Overseas Department of origin. The persons surveyed were those born between 1921 and 1975 in the French Overseas Department, and those born in 1973 or earlier in metropolitan France. The non-household population was not surveyed. People who migrated for the first time before the age of 15 were not asked about this migration.

Example of data content for EMIGDOM : Migration Survey relating to overseas departments


A version of these data is available at Adisp (Quetelet-Progedo Diffusion) in which more detailed data don't exist.