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FVF : Scrap metal and cast iron survey

Years : 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Producer : Ministry of Environment (SDES)

The main purpose of the Scrap Metal and Cast Iron survey is to determine the apparent and actual consumption of scrap metal by French steel companies, and to quantify the flows involved. It is presented in the form of a balance sheet, which, starting from the stock at the beginning of the year, measures internal resources, purchases, actual consumption and sales. The survey also helps to document the various stakeholders in the recycling chain. It collects the following information, making a distinction between cast iron and non-stainless steel scrap, and stainless steel scrap: - Stocks at the beginning of the year - The plant's own resources - External purchases and sources - Total availability - Total consumption - Deliveries - Stocks at the end of the year. The survey includes plants which produce cast iron and steel and which, as such, consume and/or produce scrap metal. Plants which do not have their own resources but use external purchases are included in the scope of the survey. Non-integrated iron foundries and steel foundries are not included. It also covers rolling mills which directly re-roll used products which are not usually classified as scrap.

Example of data content for FVF : Scrap metal and cast iron survey