Cooperation for the international access

Since its inception, CASD has been committed to opening transnational access to confidential data for research purposes. With this in mind, Access has always been possible from countries of the European Union and its associated countries under the same conditions as for resident researchers in France. Access is also now open from North America with some specific provisions. CASD has actively participated in European and international projects aimed at facilitating the use of confidential data across national borders.

Secure access from European Union countries and associated countries

For residents of the European Union and its associated countries, the accreditation criteria and procedures are identical to those of residents in France (authorization procedure).

Accreditation with the Statistical Confidentiality Committee and enrollment at CASD require a short trip to France. Secure access can then be done from the applicant’s hosting institution, via the installation of an SD-Box sent by post.

INSEE data now accessible to North America

INSEE, in its desire to support research, has also authorized access to its data with CASD SD-Boxes located in the United States and Canada under the following conditions:

  • Researchers who are citizens of a Member State of the European Union while working at a North American university or research center;
  • North American researchers working as part of a research project in partnership with a center or university in a Member State of the European Union..


CASD strives to promote easier European and international access for researchers to confidential data across national boundaries. After having participated in two European projects on the conditions and feasibility of a network of secure centers for both national and European data, (DwB FP7 for national data and EssNet,funded by Eurostat, for European data), CASD is coordinating the IDAN (International Data Access Network) building cooperation between 6 secure centers across 4 countries (France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom) with the aim of making it easier for researchers to use confidential data from these centers for the same project. Partnerships are gradually being set up, such as the one with the German Federal Employment Agency FDZ / IAB.