Individual data matching: towards better quality and greater transparency


This article, which appeared in the latest issue of Chroniques du Cnis, follows on from the meeting held on January 28, 2022, the aim of which was to inform and exchange views on the state of French and foreign practices in the field of individual data matching for statistical purposes, as well as on official statistics projects.

The Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques (Insee) first retraced the evolution of these practices since the 1950s, then presented the introduction of the Code statistique non signifiant (CSNS) and the Résil project (Répertoire statistique d’individus et de logements), which aim to make matching by the official statistical service simpler to carry out and of better quality.

The meeting concluded by stressing the importance of informing the public about these methods in order to improve transparency. Following the discussions, a consultation group was set up under the aegis of the CNIS to pursue and deepen reflection on the guarantees that the Résil project should offer.

[CNIS Chronicles n°32 (in french)]