Learn from the unexpected to enhance knowledge for a better future…

2020 has obviously been a complicated year for all of us, a year during which the entire CASD team has mobilised to enable, with the support of producers, the continuity of access to data, which is more necessary than ever in this pandemic situation.

Many new data sources continued to enrich the offer for researchers. Those that will enable the impact of the health crisis in all its dimensions to be better measured and analysed are beginning to arrive.

In 2020, CASD has submitted a development project as part of the “Higher Education and Research EQUIPEX+” (ESR / EquipEx+) investments for the future, with the support of many of our partners producing or using data, to whom we extend our warmest thanks. This project aimed to develop new types of calculation services, particularly in AI, to enable greater pooling of computing power while ensuring strict isolation between projects, and to develop research services such as a CASD-light for less detailed data, documentation, matching and certification services. Last but not least, using these levers to reduce costs for researchers, a demand to which we are particularly attentive.

The project was not considered a high enough priority to be funded.

Continuing to invest and innovate to develop the service is essential for CASD. That is why, drawing on our internal resources, this will remain at the heart of this year 2021.