Call for projects

The cascad certification agency and CASD are partnering to offer an innovative solution to certify the reproducibility of research on confidential data. cascad (Certification Agency for Scientific Code and Data) is the first certification agency for the reproducibility of academic publications. Cascad is a non-profit research support structure (UMS CNRS 2007), funded by various French institutions including CNRS, HEC Paris and the University of Orléans. Certification guarantees the reproducibility of the numerical results (tables and graphs) of a scientific publication, based on a set of digital resources (computer codes and data) used by the researcher. The partnership between CASD and cascad aims to establish secure certification environments that allow a specialized certifier to run the code on precisely identified confidential data (sources, products, version). The Committee on Statistical Confidentiality and the data producers have welcomed this initiative and we thank them very much for it. A pilot will soon start for a period of one year. The CASD will allow the certifier access by providing specific environments for each request, only for the duration of the certification for the data concerned. The certifications will be free of charge for researchers, funded by CASD and cascad, at the rate of one request per project out of a limited number yet to be defined for this pilot phase. If you wish to participate in this pilot, do not hesitate to contact the CASD.