Agreement for the provision of data with the Drees

CASD and the Directorate for Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES) have just signed an agreement for the provision of data on health and social protection.

This very detailed data will open up new possibilities for research. They are grouped around 4 main themes illustrated below by an example of a data source:

– Handicap-Dependence: the CARE survey – Capacities, Aids and Resources of Seniors
– Jeunesse-Famille: the survey on child care arrangements for young children
– Combating exclusion: the survey of recipients of minimum social benefits
– Pensions: Inter-scheme sample of contributors or pensioners

The CASD would like to commend the DREES for the rich and constructive exchanges on the methods for making these data available, which now make it possible to make them accessible to researchers.