Data sources on Covid-19

The Covid-19 health crisis had and will have a major impact on our society. In order to monitor its evolution and to measure its consequences, the scientific community and public institutions can rely, among others, on quantitative data sources, be it survey or administrative data.

From its main mission of providing confidential access to highly detailed and sensitive data and its commitment to the promotion of public research, the CASD is fully mobilized to support users in this process. Within this framework, the CASD is publishing a list of highly detailed data sources that may be particularly useful for research on the Covid-19 pandemic.

In what follows, the data sources are divided into two categories: the ones that are already part of the CASD catalogue and other data sources to which the CASD does not currently provide access. These may be sources entirely dedicated to the study of the pandemic, specific “Covid-19” modules that were added to already existing sources or data sources that do not deal with the question of Covid-19 in a specific way but could be used to study the impact of the pandemic. Finally, these data source cover a wide range of subjects, they allow to follow the pandemic and to study its economic, social and psychological impacts as well.

Data already available at the CASD : 

Other data :

The OPIRA 2 survey of the DARES and the DEPP