Many new health projects for this new year

Health is and will continue to be an essential subject for scientific research, both from a medical point of view and for the evaluation of public policies. For several years now, CASD has been supporting research projects in this field and offering its solutions for secure hosting and computing environments, adapted to the processing of such data.

Currently, more than 100 health-related research projects are hosted at the CASD, and some sixty others are supported in their preliminary steps: data circuit and life cycle, requests for authorizations from competent authorities, responses to needs in terms of computing capacity, etc.

CASD is approved for the health data security repository, certified as a health data host, and offers an end-to-end secure solution so that users do not have to approve their own system. As a result, many CASD projects use data from the National Health Data System (SNDS), including data from the health insurance system (SNIIRAM), hospital activity (PMSI), causes of death and disability information systems.

In addition, Inserm and CASD have signed a partnership agreement for the secure processing of health data. The very large epidemiological cohort Constances is entirely hosted at the CASD and has already allowed about twenty research teams to access its data.

CASD offers a wide variety of information processing tools: SAS, R, Python, Spark, TensorFlow, PostgreSQ… allowing the implementation of the most innovative methods in data science.