Evolution of the Statistical Secrecy Committee module on the CDAP portal

Since September 2019, the Statistical Secrecy Committee (SSC) module of the CDAP (Confidential Data Access Portal) allows the online filing and management of requests for access to confidential data falling within the competence of the SSC.

In particular, it offers the follow-up of each request, a repository of available data sources and the possibility to exchange with the SSC secretariat.

Nevertheless, the interactions with the producer services were to give rise to exchanges by conventional messaging, with the summary of the dossier being sent by e-mail. As of the beginning of the year, the SSC secretariat has set up a procedure that is entirely via the portal: once the researcher has completed his file, he can now request the prior agreement of each producer service concerned directly via the SSC module.

This development will simplify the management of requests and improve their follow-up.