Welcome 2024!

2023 was marked by a very sharp increase in the activity of our researchers: the number of projects hosted at CASD rose from 600 to around 700, representing an annual increase of almost 15% – a record.

In a field eagerly awaited by researchers, that of large-scale platform data, regulated at European level by the Digital Service Act (DSA), progress is being made through pilot projects at CASD.

Cooperation between CASD and DREES and DARES, to set up secure computing infrastructures for databases and studies, has developed well, and has led to the design and implementation of new functionalities that will be progressively rolled out in 2024.

The year 2024 promises to be rich in research, datascience and evaluations based on confidential data. Once again, the CASD would like to thank all those involved for the trust they have placed in us.