The implementation of individual data matching: a deliberation of the Autorité de la statistique publique

Administrative sources that can be matched with each other and with surveys are a very rich resource for official statistics and research.

In order to meet the growing needs of official statistics, while strictly respecting confidentiality and transparency for the citizen, INSEE has carried out work to set up a “non-meaningful statistical code” (CSNS) authorised by law and intended to facilitate and harmonise these matches by relying on an organisation that makes it possible to extend and secure their use.

A new step has just been taken with the deliberation of the Autorité de la statistique publique of 21 September 2021 which supports this project and in particular the implementation of a “service offer” adapted to the important needs of all official statistics services.

This will open up important new perspectives in terms of exploitation and study for official statistics. It will also be a great advance for scientific research. These matched sources will eventually be made available to researchers according to the tried and tested procedure already put in place by the Comité du secret statistique.

For more specific matching for research purposes, the CSNS Act also introduced the possibility for research projects requiring matching to use a similar process based on a specific hashed RIN, different from the official statistics hashed RIN and different from one project to another. This process is starting to be implemented and will require further investment to be more widely used.

The meeting organised by the CNIS on 28 January will provide an opportunity to present the work in progress and the projects and to discuss them with all the stakeholders.