Call for expression of interest for research projects around Parcoursup

This call for expressions of interest, which follows on from discussions initiated in particular by the monitoring committee for the law on student guidance and success (“ORE” law) and the work of the Ministry, is part of an active approach to enhance the value of higher education data in order to advance, with the contribution of scientific research, discussions on access to higher education for baccalaureate holders, their guidance and their success.

The ISES, in its capacity as a ministerial statistical service, annually publishes indicators and analyses on orientation, pathways and success.

This call for projects aims to strengthen collective knowledge for the steering of public policies on guidance and higher education. It is aimed at research teams in the human and social sciences, who are invited to produce theoretical or empirical work, using data from surveys or management databases as well as interviews, field observations or any other relevant corpus.

In this context, the statistical databases on higher education will be shared with the research community, in the continuity of the approach undertaken by the Ministry through the creation in 2018 of the information system on guidance in higher education (“ORISUP” databases) and the open-database implementation of synthetic datasets from A.P.B. (Admission Post-Bac) and Parcoursup, which allow researchers to access a great deal of data on higher education.

The Parcoursup platform’s Ethics and Scientific Committee (C.E.S.P.) gave a favourable opinion on 26 November 2019 on the launch of this call for expressions of interest and on the orientations of this research project.

Information and downloading of application files (in french)

Deadline for applications: January 31, 2020