Orientations for the medium term 2024-2028 of the National Council for Statistical Information (CNIS): opening of the consultation of users of official statistics

Every five years, the National Council for Statistical Information conducts a prospective analysis of statistical, economic and social information needs to enable official statistics to prepare for future challenges.

As part of the CNIS’s collective approach, the year before, users of official statistics are asked to express the expectations and needs they would like to see taken into account, whether they are general in scope or related to the various themes dealt with by the CNIS thematic commissions.

Issue 17 of the CNIS Chronicles shows how expectations were taken into account for the previous program.

The stakes for the coming period are particularly high in a national, European and international context of tension and accelerating change.

The public consultation to prepare the 2024-2028 program has just been opened with an online questionnaire and the responses are highly anticipated.