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Inequalities in exposure to environmental amenities in residential location choices

This project has two interdependent objectives. On the one hand, we attempt to characterize residential choices in relation to pollution in urban areas in France. On the other hand, we examine whether these choices lead to the reinforcement of existing segregation and gentrification phenomena in these areas. The developing literature on the impact of pollution on residential choices still has limitations and this project should help to remedy them. First, studies on French urban areas are rarely developed considering their heterogeneity in terms of location, internal structures and urban sprawl. One of the purposes is to overcome this limitation. Secondly, hedonic studies of slightly polluted areas are carried out with purchase-sale data, whereas the rental market remains very important. Moreover, the rental data allow paying attention to modest population, and identifying phenomena of inequalities in relation to exposure to pollution. This leads us to qualify the segregation and gent