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Lifelong learning in France: empirical analysis of private provision and public policy

In France, professional training and training policy have a long history: since 1971, with the Delors Law, numerous reforms have been implemented, the last ones in 2007, 2014 and 2019. By now, however, the evaluation of these reforms is scarce. This research project attempts to merge available administrative source to create a novel database on which it is possible to study both training of unemployed and employees, focusing on new individual training tools such as the Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF). Within this framework, we plan to conduct a number of different studies. The first one will analyze the effects of training on the professional path of workers, in particular on mobility and wages. A second paper will attempt to study the reasons for low take-up of CPF. A final one will focus on the drivers of training within companies, particularly on the role of technology and trade.