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The impact of collective bargaining on lifelong training programsavailable to the workers

Groupe Alpha - PARIS - 2017

Recent studies underline the impact of staff representatives in the management of access to training programs. These results from the DIFES2 survey (which cross references employee answers with that of their employers) shed light on the link which can be made between collective bargaining and access to training. It may be possible to go further in the exploration of this link by mobilizing simultaneously data from Cereq (declaration n° 24-83) and the data on the yearly statement of the negotiation, namely related to agreements on staff training. The idea is to match both databases using the Siret (the legal entity identification number in France) to analyze the impact on such agreements on intern profiles, training program budgets, duration, etc. Matching both databases with the DEFIS database will enable a finer observation of whether social dialogue can bend the professional trajectory of employees.