Provision of IR and ISF/IFI data

37 million households and up to 3000 variables, this is the significant volume of income tax and wealth tax/IFI (Solidarity tax on wealth/wealth tax on real estate) data now available on the CASD.

In detail, these are the following files:

– Comprehensive income tax file for 2006 to 2017 income

– ISF/IFI panel for the years 2006 to 2018 – reconcilable via a non-significant and encrypted identifier common to IR files

– File of taxpayers who have left the territory (similarly approachable with the IR and ISF/IFI files)

To be able to access these files, each applicant will have to file a certificate of declaration of conformity of the processing operations envisaged with his Data Protection Officer. Then, once it has been obtained, file an access request with the Statistical Confidentiality Committee (see the submission dates on the committee’s website).

Be careful, the volume of data is very large (more than 8 terabytes in total), we advise you to check the adequacy of your configuration with the processing you plan to perform. You can contact the CASD if you need advice on how to find the most suitable configuration for your needs.