Agreement signed between CASD, Pôle Emploi, DARES and Datastorm

This agreement covers the construction of a data file on the employment, unemployment and training trajectories of job seekers (FORCE) and its availability to the study and research teams selected by the Scientific Committee of the Skills Investment Plan (PIC) for study and evaluation work on the vocational training of job seekers and the programs of the Skills Investment Plan.

These studies are notably retained within the framework of contracts and calls for research projects launched by DARES under the aegis of the Scientific Committee in charge of the evaluation of the PIC.

The personal data files mobilized are the historical file of job seekers (as well as satellite files), the workforce movement database (MMO) which indicates, for each employee, data on working life (employment contracts, remuneration received, hours worked, the company’s SIRET and the profession practiced, the regionalized base of vocational training trainees and the l-MILO base (information on young people in contact with a local mission and the significant contacts they had with the local mission and data on the devices monitored in the local mission (type of device, entry date, planned end date, actual end date). The latter will allow to know a reinforced support program).