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EARCF : Annual survey on heating and cooling networks

Years : 2015-2019, 2014

Producer : Ministry of Environment (SDES)

The Annual Survey on Heating and Cooling Networks provides a better understanding of these networks, which are playing an increasingly significant role in national and European energy policy. This survey is the only source of information which can trace the production of non-cogenerated heat and networks as well as heat deliveries to the different sectors. The survey used to be one of the branch surveys managed by the former SESSI (Industrial Studies and Statistics). Since 2005, networks with a capacity of less than 3.5 MW have gradually been included in the scope of the survey as soon as they are identified. The main topics covered are the characteristics of the networks (power, nature of the installations), their energy mix, and the role of renewable energies. The survey mainly covers physical data (quantities of fuel and energy) and is particularly useful for monitoring the heat production of networks in relation to their energy consumption.

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