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PE : Breeding practices

Years : 2015

Producer : Ministry of Agriculture (SSP)

The objective of the statistical survey on Breeding Practices is to better understand farming practices. It enables us to improve our knowledge of the cattle (milk and meat), sheep (milk and meat), goat, pig and poultry (meat and egg-laying poultry) breeding sectors. It was carried out in the main French livestock breeding basins in metropolitan France. The Breeding Practices survey is organized around various themes: structural data of the farm, description of buildings, management of effluents, animal feed, sanitary practices, animal health, animal welfare and work organization. Farms are selected at random from the farm sampling frame. Farms that produced cattle (milk and meat), sheep (milk and meat), goats, pigs, poultry (chickens and turkeys) and egg-laying poultry in 2015 are included. Each farm included is chosen for one species. The questionnaire then focuses on the farm's practices for the animal species for which it has been selected. Minimum thresholds of animals per farm were established to determine the sampling range and to ensure only "professional" farms were surveyed.

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