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Pole_competitivite_1 : Competitiveness cluster 1

Years : Liste des membres, Gouvernance, Financement, Cooperations

Producer : Directorate General for Enterprise (DGE)
Authorisation : Producer

The database on the competitiveness cluster 1 is composed of the following information - Cooperation between clusters: list of project collaborations for the call for projects 3 to 20; - Financing of projects accredited by the clusters: list of recipients of FUI (Fonds Unique Interministériel) aid for the call for projects 3 to 20; - Cluster governance: indicators collected from cluster governance on their employment; - List of member establishments in each cluster: list from the survey of competitiveness clusters conducted by the Direction Générale des Entreprises (DGE).

Example of data content for Pole_competitivite_1 : Competitiveness cluster 1