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FQP-Panel tous salariés : FQP-All Employee Panel matching

Years : 2014-2015

Producer : Insee

The FQP-All Employee Panel matching 2014-2015 source is the result of a matching between the 2014-2015 Training and Professional Qualification (FQP) survey and the 2015 and 1967-1975 Panel All Employees data source derived from the DADS (Annual Social Data Declaration). The FQP survey is a major source for the study of intra- and inter-generational mobility phenomena and their relationship with individuals' initial or continuing education, their employment status and the professional position they have reached, as well as the salary they obtain. It enables the study of the evolution of the performance of degrees and the efficiency of the education system, and also to estimate the impact of continuing education on professional careers. The All-Employee Panel has been tracking employees since 1976 and replaces the former DADS panel (employees of the private sector, public hospital service and local civil service) and panel data on government employees. For each individual, it compiles all their jobs in a single observation. It therefore enables the study of wage mobility and changes in companies. The two matching tables of the FQP survey with the panel data contain all observations relating to individual respondents of the FQP survey found in the panels: the common identifier of these tables and of the FQP survey data is the IDENT anonymized identifier. A preliminary step to these matches is to recreate the NIR: this was not possible for around 5% of the respondents of the FQP survey. The geographical scope of this survey is Metropolitan France.

Example of data content for FQP-Panel tous salariés : FQP-All Employee Panel matching