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PKLEG : Vegetable cultural practices

Years : 2013

Producer : Ministry of Agriculture (SSP)

The Vegetable Cultivation Practices survey has two objectives: - the first is to reconstruct the technical itinerary followed by the crop surveyed: commitment to comply with a particular specification, previous crops, soil preparation, sowing, fertilization, pest control, irrigation, yield and reasoning of interventions ; - the second concerns the use of plant protection products: treatments applied and doses, type of sprayer, handling of products, etc. This survey enables a response to the request for monitoring within the Ecophyto action plan, which is aimed at gradually reducing the use of plant protection products. The crops surveyed are carrots, cabbages, strawberries, melons, leeks, lettuce (lettuce, chicory, lamb's lettuce excluding endives) and tomatoes. The unit surveyed is the crop plot. A crop plot meets specific criteria and does not necessarily correspond to the cadastral map of the farm. A "crop plot" is any group of adjoining lands cultivated with a given plant species of the same variety, with the same crop precedent, and managed according to homogeneous practices (fertilization, phytosanitary treatments, etc.).

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