The sources of the different producers accessible in the same environment: a considerable advantage

The number of producers filing their data with CASD is steadily increasing. This naturally means more data available for research, but also more data that can be used jointly for the same project. The researchers have clearly grasped this advantage, which considerably increases the possibilities of analysis.

Until 2013, 16% of the projects used the sources of 2 or 3 producers, at a time when INSEE sources still constitute the bulk of the data submitted to CASD. Since then, on a number of projects almost 4 times higher, the proportion of those using the sources of several producers has risen to 52% with projects now including the sources of 4 or even 5 producers.

Of note, 171 projects jointly use INSEE and DGFIP data, a considerable advantage for researchers compared to a situation such as the United Kingdom where access is different for tax data and Office for National Statistics data.