The US Congress report on efficient data mobilization

The report The Promise of Evidence-Based Policymaking, commissioned by the US Congress, has been released. The goal consists in helping increase the transparency and quality of public policy making by better mobilizing existing data, especially administrative data, while taking into account privacy and legal constraints.

The core recommendation of the report is to create a National Secure Data Service for projects that have been approved. The 15-member Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking has been consulting for a whole year with numerous experts, researchers, private and public organizations. With a special interest in the experience of 4 foreign countries including France, the commission heard Roxane Silberman, Research Director (Emeritus) from CNRS and Scientific Advisor at CASD.

The Commission was particularly interested in the ultra-secure technology developed by CASD with the SD-Box, and its role in allowing researchers remote secure access to tax and administrative data in France.