CNIL and CASD Webinar on data matching with the SNDS: NIR processing circuits

On June 25, CNIL, in partnership with CASD, organized a webinar dedicated to data matching for health research.

The CNIL regularly notes several pitfalls in authorization requests from public or private organizations.

To support the professionals concerned, the CNIL published a guide in 2020, which has now been supplemented by new practical sheets presenting variants of different circuits, chosen for their pedagogical aspect and for their representativeness of the practical cases encountered by the CASD and the CNIL.

This webinar, attended by almost 300 people, was an opportunity to present these different use cases, and also provided step-by-step illustrations of the data circulation patterns that need to be anticipated when matching several data tables based on the NIR (Numéro d’inscription au répertoire, better known as the ‘social security number’).

For those who were unable to participate live, a replay will be available shortly.

[The new practical data sheets]