A new source made available for monitoring employment trajectories: INSEE’s Non-Salaried Panel

The Non-Salaried Panel is a new statistical source, constituted from the annual non-salaried bases, which are based on the social declarations of the self-employed (in particular individual entrepreneurs, including micro-entrepreneurs). This longitudinal file makes it possible to trace the history of self-employment since 2006.

Like the All Employees Panel, this is a very large sample size.

The Non-Employee Panel also allows for the monitoring of the multi-activity (employed and self-employed) of the individuals included in the field. For an overview of all employees and self-employed persons, another source will soon be made available: the Panel Tous Actifs.

Requests for access to the Non-Employee Panel are examined by the Statistical Confidentiality Committee. You can submit your requests via the CDAP tool (Confidential Data Access Portal) : https://cdap.casd.eu