December, 1st, Nantes: PROGEDO-Loire seminar

PROGEDO-Loire is organizing a joint seminar session with the LEMNA Economics Seminar: “Socio-economic analysis of the French associative fabric in the 2010s based on the DADS and BTS and the INSEE’s 2018 Associations Survey”.

It may be of interest to researchers from several disciplines in the humanities and social sciences because of the themes addressed (voluntary sector, employment, gender inequality, etc.); the confidential data used and the means of accessing them; the methods applied and discussed (classifications, modelling, etc.); or the methodological difficulties mentioned (linked to diachronicity, the absence or nature of certain variables, etc.)

After emphasizing the attention that the nonprofit sector deserves as an object of study, the interest but also the limitations of the data mobilized (Insee’s Base tous salariés -BTS- and Insee’s Suivi des associations 2018 survey) will be briefly commented. Then the three themes on which this work focuses will be presented:

  • An attempt to classify associations using socioeconomic variables from the Insee Suivi des associations 2018 survey;
  • A study of the evolution of associative employment during the period 2010-2020, based on DADS and BTS ;
  • An investigation on women’s access to associative responsibilities (boards of directors when they exist and presidency of the association).

For these three themes, the methodological issues raised by their treatment will be discussed and some provisional results will be provided.

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