Access to German Employment Data

German data from IAB, the Research Institute of the Federal Employment Agency in Germany, is now accessible  to researchers in France using a remote location at CASD’s offices. The degree of detail of the files is the same as that which researchers could have in Nuremberg. It is now possible to submit projects (see the procedure on the IAB website) to use this data, which can also be compared with French data, particularly DADS.

Researchers who already have a current IAB project no longer have to travel and can take advantage of this opportunity included in the cooperation agreement between CASD and IAB.

At the same time, SD-Boxes are available at IAB for researchers working there (from the institute or other centers) who wish to submit a project with CASD data.

This cooperation should facilitate the work of researchers and enable the development of projects between the two countries on labor market issues. This is a first step towards building a European network of secure centers. As always, CASD’s statistical team, in partnership with our colleagues at IAB, is here to bring you more information.