“Longitudinal database on employment and establishments”, a new tool for longitudinal monitoring of employment at local level

The Pôle de service de l’action régionale ” Études Économiques Régionales ” (Psar EER) of INSEE’s Occitanie regional directorate has developed a database that has enabled INSEE’s research and dissemination services in the region to carry out studies on the demography of establishments and salaried employment since 2008.

The database was created from demographic data on establishments from 2008 to 2017 (stocks and transfers of establishments, economic continuity between establishments, etc.), enriched with data on employment from the Clap (2008 to 2015) and Flores (from 2016 onwards) sources and information on companies from the Lifi source (financial link).

The scope is that of establishments engaged in market activity, excluding agriculture and temporary workers.

This database allows employment trends to be obtained at fine geographical levels, with precise information on establishments and their companies. A coordinated operation (a national publication accompanied by regional publications) was carried out in February 2021 based on this data source. INSEE will make this new innovative database available to researchers soon on the CASD.

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