CASD Services

CASD forsees multiple potential uses for its patented, dedicated technological solution, which could go far beyond its initial conception.

Furthermore, CASD’s experience partaking in the public research effort, at the crossroads between data producers and the research community, enabled it to gain expertise in securing scientific processing requiring powerful calculation capacities, as well as generally making sensitive data available.

CASD services for public entities

As a data producer, if you wish to make your data available in the name of scientific research, you can follow this link.

CASD services for companies

In the spirit of the “leverage effect” sought by Investments in The Future program (“Investissements d’avenir”) and “Equipex”, CASD is able to offer its technical expertise on statistics to those outside the public research realm and its initial purpose of disseminating data from public statistics.

CASD offers three distinct options built around its secure data dissemination :

  • A secure external access to your data, replicating the existing offer of public statistics producers towards research projects, enabling a secure sealed manner to control data in relation to external entities.
  • A secure Datalab, using the infrastructure and modern datascience tools within the sealed space of CASD.
  • A trusted third party offer for data matching, enabling many producers to let CASD statisticians operate the matching of sources with totally and fully guaranteed neutrality, within the CASD sealed space.

CASD can also offer complementary services based on its associates’ expertise.