Secure Datalab for Proof of Concept

CASD can setup a ready-to-use environment for DataScientists, based on cutting-edge datascience (Teralab), through the sealed CASD environment offered by CASD technology.

This Datalab may be setup for experimental projects, carried out by internal or external staff, and could lead to one or many proofs of concept and enable an entity to experiment before generalizing new architecture.

A DataScientist with an SD-Box and biometric card can access a DataLab to process large datasets. This DataLab relies on :

  • An efficient Windows environment
  • A Hadoop cluster with at least 4 physical nodes, quickly and easily extensible
  • An up-to-date set of software : Spark, TensorFlow, R, RStudio, Dataiku DataScience Studio, qGIS, Python, SAS, Stata, SPSS, etc.
  • With possible setup of :
    • Deep Learning servers (graphic processors)
    • OpenStreetMap Dedicated server
    • SQL Server
    • TeraMemory Server