Secure external access to data

Strong and scalable processing power in constant evolution

CASD has over 15 years of experience in supplying calculation services for scientific research. Competition is fierce in this sector; every day counts in a researcher’s career. Some calculations can require weeks, so a 20% efficiency increase can make a researcher gain weeks. CASD has a cluster for complex processing of large datasets.

CASD’s experience has been fully leveraged for the design of the its hosted calculation servers. Thus, each component of the computing server infrastructure is determined with the greatest care for an optimal match with the system and the scientific software of data processing:

  • Hard drives (including SSD integration) and their setup,
  • Linkage cards for direct bay attachments,
  • Network connections (10GB/s),
  • RAM
  • Graphics Processing Units
  • Mother cards and acceleration cards

The OS is optimized for processing large datasets with a configuration enabling lower disk accessing delay and transfer from disk to processor.

For several years now, advances in virtualization have made it possible to integrate this technology into CASD’s computing servers, thus reinforcing, when necessary, the possibilities for expansion and custom power allocation.

The architecture of the platform continues to evolves and adapt its calculation power to a project’s requirements.