Citation of the data made available: implementation of a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) in the CASD

Citing the data used for research is just as important as citing bibliographic references (as highlighted by the UK Data Service in this video) when submitting a publication.

The Scientific Council of the CASD, in particular through its Chairman Lars Vilhuber, has expressed the wish that the CASD should introduce a persistent DOI registration for the data entrusted to it.

Citation of data allows data producers to better understand how the data are used, and other users to know what data (including version) were used for analysis, how to access them for further use, or how to replicate the results. The pages on which this information is published have internet addresses that contain the DOI number and must be persistent over time.

For more information, go to a data source page under “Persistent Identifiers”.

By clicking on each vintage, you will find a summary description, its DOI and the quotation we recommend.